How To Get Beach Waves Without Taking Too Much Time

Beach Waves

We all love a good beach-wave. It’s the surfer girl illusion of ease and sun-kissed skin that allows us to pretend for a moment that we can actually surf… failing that, we can at least sport the hair, right? Sometimes we can get stuck in the same mundane styling day in and day out, so […]

How Colouring Your Hair Can Transform Your Mood

colouring your hair

Do you feel flat, deflated and just blah? We hear you! Happiness, relaxation and a sense of calm is something I think we can all agree is what we’re searching for! Well look no further, because we have some exciting tips for brightening up your day. I’m sure you’re wondering, how can the colour of […]

Fix Your Damaged Hair And Feel Sexy & Confident

Damaged hair

And regain your confidence Is your dry, damaged hair getting you down? When your hair doesn’t feel good, you just don’t feel good… do you? It can make you feel downright….gross!!!! You decided to see a new hairdresser, or maybe you’ve been seeing the same hair stylist for a while now, and you’re still not […]