How to get the life back into your curls

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How to get the life back into your curls Learning to not only accept, but love your curly mane can be a really challenging journey for some. One of our beautiful guests struggled with tight, coily curls for most of her life; desperately trying to subdue and tame the mass of locks she had been […]

Top 5 Trending Blondes This Summer

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Top 5 Trending Blondes This Summer Blonde hair specialist services make up more than 50% of all colour services in salons across the world. With less than 2% of the world population being naturally blonde, it’s easy to see why blonde is increasingly sought after by many. There are infinite options available when it comes […]

How To Choose The Perfect Hairstyle

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Perfect Hairstyle – How To Choose The Perfect Hairstyle Having the perfect hairstyle that our hairdressing will give for your face shape can bring out your best features and have you feeling sexy, confident and empowered. Just as designers select clothing to best suit your body type; our best hairdressing stylist team , select haircuts […]

4 Beautiful DIY Upstyles


The process of hair styling our hair makes us feel together and ready to take on the world. Well, why can’t we feel that way all of the time? You don’t have to feel disheveled and messy the day before you’re due to wash your hair! It’s time to find yourself some new cute and […]

Hairstyles To Feel Inspired


Feel re-inspired by adding some new hairstyles to your hair routine. No matter what haircut you have, there are many different styles that you could try to keep you feeling fresh. Get the oomph back into your morning routine with our easy steps on replicating these fabulous looks at home! With pro tips on what […]

Enhance Your Best Features In Less Than 3 Hours

Feeling bored, dull and just blah..?  It may be because your hair is totally underwhelming! Whether you’re wanting to rock a gorgeous natural looking tone, gently enhance your natural colour, or desire a rich, sexy, glossy hue that looks delisioculsy tantalising, a full colour service has you covered! In this article we will share with […]

How to Embrace Your Natural Curls

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Seven tips to perfect curls with bounce and body! Curly-haired women, how have you been beautifying your curly hair?  When we think about taming our curls over the ease of the lazy ponytails and buns of our straight haired friends it can be daunting! Finding a great curly hair maintenance regime can make all the […]