Enhance Your Best Features In Less Than 3 Hours

Feeling bored, dull and just blah..? 

It may be because your hair is totally underwhelming!

Whether you’re wanting to rock a gorgeous natural looking tone, gently enhance your natural colour, or desire a rich, sexy, glossy hue that looks delisioculsy tantalising, a full colour service has you covered!

In this article we will share with you what a full colour is, the 3 most common errors that can occur, how to decide which full colour best suits you, & the full-colour process at Beautify Hair Design.

What Is A Full Colour?

A full colour service involves colouring your entire head of hair, from roots to tips with a permanent, demi or semi hair colour.

The 3 Most Common Errors That Occur With A Full Colour

How to make sure this doesn’t happen to you

Having a hair color that doesn’t turn out feels downright frustrating and completely deflating.

  1. Hair has gone darker than expected

    Have you ever coloured your hair expecting the same shade, but instead it’s gone dark?! EEP!!! Did your heart just sink into your stomach? You’re not alone!
    This is one of the most common challenges we hear our new full-colour guests have.
    So how do you get the perfect full colour?

    The following points need to be considered when wanting to achieve the perfect full hair colour.

  • Colour choice, application and process time
  • Hair texture and porosity also play a huge part as this will determine how well and quickly your hair will absorb the colour.

    When refreshing your full colour, always apply a porosity equalizer or primer before the colour service to help achieve a more even hair colour result. Also be mindful that the colour from mids to ends may only need between 5 – 20 minutes to process as colour on colour can go darker, and we don’t want that happening, do we?

  1. Hair colour looks dull or faded and it’s just been done
    Have you ever tried going a darker colour, and it just hasn’t turned out?

    You’ve just had your hair coloured and it already looks faded or murky.. Sad face..

    Things to consider:

  • When going more than two shades darker than your current shade, you may need a pre-filling service. This is essentially a colour service filling your hair with the necessary pigments to achieve the desired result.


  • Your hair may be damaged from a previous blonding or chemical service, and the colour won’t attach to your hair. When this happens, you will need to go on an intensive hair care regime to get the hair healthy before colouring.


  • Every colour eventually fades. How quickly it fades will be determined by your hair porosity and health, home hair care regime, and how often you heat style.


  1. You have a completely different colour than what you wanted
    Have you ever had your heart set on the perfect hair colour, but after the colour service it looks nothing like what you had expected?

    This can happen due to a few reasons
  • The expectations were not properly discussed and understood by both yourself and your hairdresser during consultation.
    We recommend bringing an image of your dream hair to your hairdressing appointment.
  • Incorrect hair analysis
  • Incorrect colour choice


How To Decide Which Full Colour Best Suits You

Answer the below questions

  1. Colour choice – Are you more suited to a warm tone or cool tone? Complete the colour equation and find out how to enhance your best features.
  2. Personality – How do you want to feel? Natural and soft, bold and vibrant, adventurous and out there?
  3. Frequency of visits – Do you mind coming in every 4 weeks, or are you wanting a colour that you can stretch out for 8 – 10 weeks? Decide on the maintenance you’re willing to commit to as this will help determine what end results will best suit your lifestyle.



Your Full Colour Journey At Beautify

The steps we take to help make you feel like a queen

  1. Full consultation, hair & scalp analysis, colour equation analysis (Discover the hair shades that suit you best based on your skin and eye tones) and dream hair care plan. Each new guest will be taken through a Lipid Code consultation to match you with a full personal hair care regime for optimal hair health.
  2. A pressure point massage paired with fragrant essential oils to help relax you into your pamper experience.
  3. Your hair will be primed as it creates an even surface and increases the longevity of your new colour.
  4. Your personalised colour will be mixed then applied by your stylist.
  5. After the colour has been processed it will be rinsed thoroughly.
  6. Hair is shampooed twice to ensure excess colour and any product build up is thoroughly removed from the scalp and hair.
  7. Post colour treatment is applied for 60 seconds to balance the pH level of your hair and to also stop creeping oxidation, meaning your colour won’t continue working internally making your hair continue to darken.
  8. While you’re reclined at our massage basin you will receive a hot towel conditioning or a luxurious personalised treatment for your hair type.
  9. We want you to have fabulous hair all the time and not just at salon visits. This is why at every appointment, we love to give you tips on how to keep your hair styled and healthy between your visits with us, and what products are needed to support your new do’. The right home care regime is crucial to the longevity, look and feel of your hair.
  10. Book your next three appointments to ensure you are taken care of by your fave stylist at the times and dates that best suit you.


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