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How to Embrace Your Natural Curls

Seven tips to perfect curls with bounce and body!

Curly-haired women, how have you been beautifying your curly hair?  When we think about taming our curls over the ease of the lazy ponytails and buns of our straight haired friends it can be daunting! Finding a great curly hair maintenance regime can make all the difference in our lives and helps us to fall in love with our gorgeous, natural ringlets. At Beautify we stock many different luxury products including our delicious (sulphate free) Nutricurls range. Nutricurls is perfect for waves and curls and offers everything from shampoo to styling products. Whatever your curl type we have all the delicious maintenance and styling products you need. We want you to love your curl, girl! Read below to discover your curl type and tips on how to show off those beautiful locks.

Find Your Curly Pattern!

No two products are created equal just as no two curls are! Depending on your desired styling goals, thickness and curl type, your hair will require a different product that provides a different level of moisture, protein and hold.

Curly hair is beautifully unique as it comes in many forms, from tight, springy coils to big, bouncy barrel rolls and soft spirals to delicate waves. Each has a texture and unique characteristics and knowing how to identify your hair and what your hair needs is crucial to loving the locks you have.

Your curl type is determined by the shape of the follicle of the hair as it grows from the scalp. Straight hair has a rounded follicle, and the flatter the follicular, the curlier the hair will be. We can identify what curl type you have by the pattern the strands make.

Most curly-girls have more than one type of curl happening in their hair at once. Curl Types start a 2 as Type 1’s have straight hair.



Type two girls will benefit most from lightweight products.

We recommended Wella Nutricurls Shampoo for Waves, Nutricurls Waves & Curls Conditioner and Milky Waves leave in spray for added allure and manageability.


wavy 3

Curly Girls require medium moisture and hold.

Wella Nurticurls Micellar Shampoo followed by Waves & Curls Conditioner will beautifully prep your curls for ultimate styling. Once a week, swap your conditioner for Waves & Curls Mask and leave in for 5 minutes for added hydration. Style with Curlixir Balm or  Kevin Murphy killer curls, or motion lotion.


wavy 4

Hello our Coily Girls!

Wash with Wella Nurticurls Micellar Shampoo, condition with Waves & Curls Conditioner. Once a week, swap your conditioner for Waves & Curls Mask and leave in for 5 minutes for added hydration. Replace your shampoo with our medium level nourishment Cleansing Conditioner every second wash. Style with Curlixir Balm, or Kevin Murphy killer curls, or motion lotion.


Curly Haircuts, Wavy Haircuts & Hair Cutting Style

The main goal in styling your hair should be to have a specific curly haircut or wavy haircut and style that will complement its natural structure.

Different specialised hair cutting techniques are used for each different type of curl. It is important to do your research and find curly hair specialists as this is an advanced skill to have.


Beautify Curly Girl Method

How to access the beauty of your natural curls at home:

  1. Cleanse hair using a sulfate-free shampoo. Massage it to your scalp for at least 60 seconds before rinsing.
  2. Scrunch a handful of conditioner (or treatment) through your hair until it feels slimy (fully saturated). Then, detangle with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Rinse out.
  3. Very gently blot (leaving moisture in the hair) excess moisture using a microfiber cloth or cotton towel as regular towels can pull hair out from your curl pattern and cause frizz.
  4. Rake and scrunch a palm-full of moisturising product into your hair from the tips to the roots.
  5. Scrunch a palmful of mouse or wax into your wet hair from roots to tips.
  6. Allow your hair to air-dry or use a diffuser on your hair-dryer to remove moisture.
  7. Once your hair is 100% dry, scrunch it with your hands and get rid of the crunchy gel coating. Use your fingertips to rub your scalp in a circular motion to tease up the roots if you want more volume!


We are the best hair salon for curly hair

Happy curly hair styling! Want to find out more about curly haircuts and curly hair styling? Book in a consultation with one of our curly hair specialists.