How To Feel Feminine Sexy & Confident Almost Instantly

Do you want thicker, longer, lush hair without waiting for years of growth? Hello and welcome! Weft hair extensions might be perfect for you.

Weft hair extensions are gentle on the hair follicle allowing your hair to continue to grow as normal without causing any breakage. Our hair stylists at Beautify Hair Design are meticulously trained in the art of weft application and are absolute make-over queens!

In this article we will share with you everything you need to know about weft hair extensions, plus the weft extension process at Beautify Hair Design.

Weft Extensions are perfect for you if you:

  • Currently have below chin length hair
  • Want longer hair instantly
  • Want to add extra volume
  • Want to feel more feminine and sexy


What Hair Is Best?

Depending on your hair type and ethnicity will depend on which hair will best suit. Our hair stylists mainly use European Remy hair, however Indian and asian hair is also very popular for thick, coarse hair types.. Remy means cuticle correct, meaning all of the cuticles are facing the correct way during manufacturing. This means the hair won’t matte after washing a few times. This is extremely important when sourcing hair extensions.

Where Are Hair Extensions Sourced And How Are They Made?

Hair extensions can be sourced from all over the world. An important factor to look for is companies whose hair is ethically sourced.

Our hair stays single donor, which means that they only use one person’s hair for each packet and do not mix hair. The hair is cleansed without using an acid bath. This means our hair contains a natural cuticle, which makes it feel and look more natural and much easier to blend when hair cutting.

Different Types Of Wefts

Hand Tied Weft Extensions

These are the most premium style of weft we stock. The hand tied weft extensions are the most flush style weft, however they can be tricky to start out with as you cannot cut the weft, rather fold it to size. This weft comes in 60g packs, with 312cm pieces in each pack and 22” in length only making it great for a long hair style, or they can be easily cut to shorter length.

Flat Silk Weft Extensions

These are the second most premium style of weft, with a flat silk top rather than a machine sewn top. It sits as flat as paper, but also a jelly like style on the top that is flexible and comfortable on the scalp. The silk does not contain a fringe like the hand tied weft does. Meaning it won’t cause any itch like some people may experience from hand tied that contains a fringe. These come in 50g packs in lengths of 16”, 20” and 22”.

How Long Do The Extensions Last For?

A new set of weft extensions will last anywhere between 6 – 12 months depending on the level of care taken to maintain them.

Your extensions are removed and moved up every 5 – 6 weeks to maintain the health of your natural hair.

What Method Of Application Is There?

At Beautify Hair Design we do beaded tracks and sew in the weft extensions. We find this the safest method.

4 Steps To Caring For Your Weft Extensions

Hair Cutting Style & technique

You need to find a hairdresser that specialises in extension hair cutting. You want the extensions to blend in with your natural hair and not look fake.

Home care

The correct home care is necessary to maintain the health of your extensions.

Each brand of extensions will have their own recommendations.

We recommend Kevin Murphy hydrate shampoo, hydrate rinse, hydrate mask, young again oil, heat defense and dry conditioner.

Do weft extensions matte?

If hair is not remy, or the extensions are not 100% human hair, or incorrectly chemically treated, they can matte.

We have a matte free guarantee which means that due to the cuticles all being placed the correct way the hair will not matte. It can become dry and tangle if not brushed and treated correctly.

How often do I need to shampoo the weft extensions?

Shampooing your extensions 1 – 2 times per week is sufficient.

Our weft extensions guests frequently opt in for a weekly blow-dry in the salon for a pamper session.

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Your Extension Journey At Beautify 

  1. Initial face to face consultation.
  2. Colour match extensions to your hair colour.
  3. Ensure you have read over your aftercare plan and maintenance so that you understand your requirements when it comes to maintaining your extensions correctly
  4. Book in for your hair extension appointment
  5. Order your extensions.
  6. Come in for your hair extension appointment and have your natural hair shampooed, conditioned and blow-dried.
  7. Hair extensions will be expertly applied by your hair stylist.
  8. Rebook your next 3 x 6 weekly move-up appointments. Extensions are a longer premium service and we want to ensure you get in with your favourite stylist every 6 weeks to maintain your new hair.
  9. Book in 1 week after your initial extension service for a follow-up appointment which includes a complimentary extension check up, treatment and blow-dry.
  10. When brushing your hair extensions at home, it is recommended to use a wet brush or tangle teezer. Be careful not to get caught in the top of the extensions, which generally won’t happen with these style brushes. A wide tooth comb is also great for wet hair extensions.


Weft hair extensions are not for you if: 

  • You have hair shorter than chin length
  • You can’t commit to coming in every 6 – 7 weeks for maintenance
  • You don’t invest in the appropriate hair care to care for them
  • You don’t have time to care for them

Best Hairdressers In Weft Hair Extensions

Does this sound like the change you need in your life? Book a hair extension consultation online or by calling us on (07) 3820 9818.

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