Drab To Fab

How To Go From Drab To Fab

Are you hiding away at home, not wanting to make an appearance due to botched up hair?

The feeling of complete powerlessness is overwhelming when you have a total colour disaster. It’s scary as anything, and hard to know what to do and who to turn to in these times of distress.

A colour corrective service is the process of correcting unwanted colour work in your hair. From removing or neutralizing unwanted colour tones, to going more than 2 shades lighter or darker, to rectifying a complete colour catastrophe.

A trusted expert colourist, such as the team at Beautify Hair Design, will have you wanting to flaunt your beautiful self with confidence, instead of trying to stay out of sight.

In this article we will be sharing what colour correction is, 6 things you need to know when considering a colour correction service, why does your hair go warm

when lightning, why your colour isn’t staying in your hair when going darker and your colour correction journey at Beautify.

When your hair looks great, you feel great, right?

6 Thing You Need To Know When Considering A Colour Correction

Whether you’ve got blorange hair, unwanted tones, splotches from bleeding foils, a homebre’ instead of an ombre’, a colour correction is what you’ll need to get your hair from drab to fab. 

Each colour correction service differs and the result will be influenced by the following:

  1. Your dream hair outcome.
  2. Your hair health, condition and capabilities.
  3. The current state and colour of your hair. We recommend having a complementary strand test before a colour correction service. A strand test will show us how your hair reacts to the colours used and will indicate how well your hair will lift.
  4. When opting for a colour change, keep in mind that it may take your hair stylist more than one salon session to get to your dream hair outcome, in some cases, it can take several visits to get you to where you want to be, whilst keeping the integrity of your hair. “Quick fixes” and overpromising to get you to the result instantly can often be the cause of many colour services gone wrong,and in severe cases, resulting in the hair snapping and breaking off.
  5. Color correction services can take time, Anywhere from 3 hours to 12 hours in one session! Make this your only plans for the day, just in case.
  6. The correct home care is essential to optimising your hair health. A hair care regime may be needed before starting your correction journey to help restore the health of your hair so you can reach and maintain your new colour goals.

Why Does Your Hair Go A Warmer Tone 

When going lighter

If you come into the salon with black box dyed hair, and want to go white blonde in one session, it isn’t going to happen.

Artificial pigments from hair colour, compared to natural pigments in virgin hair, can be a lot more challenging to remove.Even more so, the pigments from a home box hair dye can be the most challenging to remove.

Why? Hair has underlying pigments which get exposed when lightening. These are broken down into 3 colours, red, orange and yellow,

The underlying pigments lift in stages, and the colour revealed directly after lightening will be depending on what level of depth your hair has been lightened too.

For example, when lifting your hair to a level 4, you will see red.

Please see the diagram below, the exposed underlying pigment colour is mentioned under each level of hair.

For example, when lifting your hair to a level 4, you will see red.

Please see the diagram below, the exposed underlying pigment colour is mentioned under each level of hair.

Why Your Hair Colour Isn’t Staying In Your Hair

When going darker

Have you ever tried going a darker colour, and it just hasn’t turned out?

It looks faded, murky,has unwanted tones and it’s just been coloured! It’s so disappointing when this happens, isn’t it?

Things to consider:

  • When going more than two shades darker than your current shade, you may need a pre-filling service. This is essentially a colour service filling your hair with the necessary pigments to achieve the desired result.
  • Your hair may be damaged from a previous blonding or chemical service, and the colour won’t attach to your hair. When this happens, you will need to go on an intensive hair care regime to get the hair healthy before colouring.
  • Every colour eventually fades. How quickly it fades will be determined by your hair porosity and health, home hair care regime, how often you heat style and whether your hair has been previously pre-lightened.

Your Colour Correction Journey At Beautify

The steps we take to help make you feel fabulous:

  1. The time used in your initial face to face consultation is to understand your dream hair, assess your hairs capability, and to map out the process needed to achieve your new look.
  2. A strand test if necessary will be conducted on a day before your colour correction service.
  3. As a part of your dream hair assessment your hair colourist will conduct a face shape, hair and scalp analysis, plus colour equation analysis ( this is based on your skin tone, eye and lip colour) to find the perfect colours to bring out your best features.
  4. A pressure point massage paired with fragrant essential oils will be offered to relax you into your pamper experience.
  5. Your hair will be primed as it creates an even surface and increases the longevity of your colour.
  6. Your personalised colour will be mixed, wellaplex bonding step 1 is combined if lightening your hair, and then applied.
  7. After the colour has been processed it will be rinsed thoroughly.
  8. Wellaplex bonding step 2 is applied and will develop for 10 minutes with a hot towel while you relax at the basin.
  9. Hair is shampooed twice.
  10. Wella seal and care or post colour treatment is applied for 5 minutes to stop creeping oxidation and balance the pH level of the hair leaving us with an even canvas for toning.
  11. A luxurious personalised treatment will be applied to give it the protein and/or moisture it needs!
  12. We want you to have fabulous hair all the time and not just at salon visits. This is why at every appointment, we love to give you tips and tricks to learn how to keep your hair styled and healthy, and what products are needed to support your new do’.
  13. Book your next three appointments with your favourite stylist to ensure they can take care of you at your desired times.
  14. All colour correction guests receive a complimentary follow up     appointment, 1-2 weeks after correction service, which includes a deluxe treatment, blow-dry style and finish.

Best Hairdressers In Colour Correction

Are you looking for the best hair salon in colour correction so that you can have the hair colour you’ve been dreaming of having? Book in for a complimentary consultation today with a Beautify expert hair colourist.


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