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General.April 16, 2020

Embrace a modern take on traditional glamour. Get inspiration from immaculate curls or the avant-garde styles of the red carpet and create perfectly-sculptured deep wavy hairstyles. Stylishly luxurious, let luxe waves in hair be your reasons for unabashed selfies this season.


Achieve one-stroke style with the ghd platinum® styler, creating waves as ambitious as your wanderlust. Your toolkit is just as essential too – the ghd curl hold spray offers perfect preparation, whilst the ghd tail comb and ghd oval dressing brush are must-haves to craft long lasting wavy hairstyles.


Soften the crest of a classic style with ghd Wanderlust – express your red carpet look with luxe wavy hair.


Step one:

Start by separating the hair into two inch sections and misting the hair using ghd curl hold spray.

Step two:

Using a ghd tail comb,comb a deep side parting.
TIP: Use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide for the alignment.

Step three:

Above the ear, take a medium-sized section of hair and place the ghd platinum styler at the root facing forward. Close the styler and rotate one full turn, then glide through the hair. Continue to rotate as you glide through to the ends.
Repeat this technique throughout the hair, always rotating the ghd platinum® styler in one direction and working up towards the parting.
TIP: Pointing the styler towards the face will encourage the wave to sit forward onto your face, adding a sultry feel to the look..

Step four:

Repeat the technique throughout the back sections, always keeping the styler horizontal and with a full turn. 

Step five:

Dress out the curls with the ghd oval dressing brush for an ultra-glamorous finish and mist hair with ghd final fix hairspray to lock your look in place.
TIP: For added shine and a light non-greasy finish, mist final shine spray onto the brush before brushing the wavy hair.

Get the right tools for this killer look now.

Author: Dana Kovacic

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