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General.February 1, 2019

Why join this membership?

There is no better feeling than having freshly foiled hair that constantly looks and feels healthy, shiny and amazing.

This membership was created to ensure you feel confident with your hair at all times with fresh highlights and lowlights specifically hair contoured to bring out your best features.

To keep the integrity of your hair, we have added in structure-complex. This is a 2 stage process in the salon which helps to prevent damage, and keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong.

PLUS enjoy 5% off on all individual Nak & Kevin Murphy retail products to keep your hair well maintained at home, in-between salon visits.

We also have GHD Brushes and GHD Products (Excluding GHD Curlers, Dryers, Stylers or Packs).

With the ease of paying a small amount each week, you will have nothing to pay on the day of service.

Author: Dana Kovacic

Category : General

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