Yellow hair getting you down?

General.February 6, 2019

Out of all the colours in the world, your hair has to be glowing the one colour you don’t want it to- YELLOW!


Did you know that there are many different factors to your hair being yellow?

Some of these could be

  • Your blonde was under processed last time you were in the salon
  • The wrong toner was used- or NO toner was used
  • Incorrect home care
  • You may need a low light to help your highlight stand out
  • Your current low lights may be washing out to quickly and making the overall look yellow and brassy
  • Your hair is in bad condition and not holding colour

In just one salon visit, you’ll be able to achieve a stunning colour you would be proud to show off!

Whether your under processed hair needs to be lifted up, or your needing the correct colour or tone- we have the solution for you.

BUT- it does take TWO to tango in this journey of having the perfect blonde!

Once you achieved your perfect blonde in the salon… ( YES!! FINALLY!!!! )

YOU need to be looking after it at home and keep it well maintained with regular salon visits.

Take home retail products and in salon treatments aren’t recommended just for the sake of it- they are recommended to keep the integrity of your hair as optimal as possible!

You wouldn’t walk around with bone dry, dull skin and not moisturise it at home- would you??

Same goes with your hair!

You can’t expect miracles if your not willing to put in the work required for your look!

On the flip side, if you are willing to go on the correct hair care plan for your hair, and you find the right stylist who does achieve your perfect blonde ( no more yellow ) you will have SUCCESS!

Are you having troubles with yellow hair?
We have the solution for you.

Please call the blonde specialists at Beautify Hair Design on 38209818

Author: Dana Kovacic

Category : General

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