4 Beautiful DIY Upstyles

The process of hair styling our hair makes us feel together and ready to take on the world. Well, why can’t we feel that way all of the time?

You don’t have to feel disheveled and messy the day before you’re due to wash your hair! It’s time to find yourself some new cute and simple upstyles for between wash days to keep yourself feeling confident.

By following these easy steps, you will be sure to master a few new styles and be ready to take on the week ahead. Get all the office talking about your whole new sexy vibe.

Elegant Messy Bun

Elegant Messy Bun

The messy bun is the universal mum-hair! A perfectly easy way to sweep your hair off your neck. With a few little tips and tricks, the messy bun can become an elegant and sophisticated upstyle to rock at the office or be the graceful crown you wear at your best friend’s wedding. Start by drawing together a loose ponytail, twisting the strands around the base of the ponytail and pinning them in place with bobby pins. Try Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair for a light hold for those fly-always.

Tip: Add a braided fringe to give a Grecian look! We recommended the GHD Unplugged Cordless Styler for nights on the town…



Sleek Ponytail

The sleek pony is a timeless and elegant upstyle that was easy to create. A smooth and sleek ponytail looks best when it is placed at the crown of your hair. Use System Professional Soft Touch polishing cream or Kevin Murphy Easy Rider defining anti frizz cream and comb your hair up and place it in a tight ponytail. Take a tiny section from your ponytail and twist it around the hair and conceal it and add an element of class! Pin it in place and you’re all set!

Pro Tip: For long sleek hair we recommend the GHD Max Styler.



Space Buns

This cute and quirky upstyle is sure to make you feel young and fun! Space buns can be rocked on the top of your head or at the base of your neck depending on how you feel.

Using a long tail comb, split your hair in half down the middle, for ease, place one side immediately into a loose bun to keep it out of the way. Place the other side into a high or low pony-tail and twist or braid the tail up onto the band where you can lightly pin the bun in place. Repeat on the other side to complete this fun look.

Pro Tip: Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Cream to texturise and help hold those funky buns!



Reverse French Braids

The French braid is a classic style that has been around since the dawn of time and are totally trending right now!

 While this is a look typically associated with young girls, braids can be gorgeous for any age or occasion. To complete these reverse French braids, spit your hair in two using a long-tailed comb and tie one side out of your way. Divide your hair into three even parts and work from the middle out unlike standard braids. Starting from the centre, take the strand over the top of the right side and bring the right side into the middle. Now take the new centre and pass it over the left. Continue this until you’re as close to the tips of your hair as you desire and repeat on the other side.

Pro Tip: We recommend blow-drying with System Professional Blue Shaper, a blow-dry hydro-gel to support your locks and Kevin Murphy Easy Rider to add texture and anti-frizz. For stunning volume, tie your hair tie an inch lower than the end of the braid and “fluff” out the braids by gently pulling the locks out.


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