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Best Hair Colours

Hair Colours is all about being able to express ourselves in different ways at different times.

We help you choose the best Hair colours to suit your hairstyle and looks using the researched-based, scientific Wella color equation process which will enhance your best features with your personalized color.

With the right color palette, feel young and fresh, or whatever it is you are wanting to feel and boost your confidence as you express your femininity to experience a new you.

Our colour experience packages include a minimum of colour treatment, double shampoo, hot towel conditioning, blow dry finish with curls or straight hair.


Colour packages

Prices From $ 215


Colour packages

Prices From $ 277


Colour packages

Prices From $ 279

Extra -Long

Colour packages

Prices From $ 296

Colour correction

Have you got a hair colour that you don’t really like or it doesn’t suit you?
We’ve got you with the beautify colour correction methods.
Transform your hair from “I don’t like it” to “I love it!” 

We understand that unwanted or disliked hair is not easy to turn around, but we have a special dream hair care journey that we take you through.

With many possibilities we share with you your best options and guarantee 100% satisfaction through a collaborative approach.

Colour correction usually requires multiple visits, with each visit being a unique experience of care, finesse and pampering.

Colour correction is a unique experience requiring bespoke hair solutions and hence we are only able to provide pricing during consultation.




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We are a proud sustainable salon. We recycle or repurpose up to 95% of salon waste.

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