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FAQ's - Why do we require a deposit for some services?

    • We LOVE completing your incredible transformations and it does take time. We ensure that your appointment time is prioritised just for you by blocking out a few to several hours to ensure we are fully available to look after you and complete your masterpiece.
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    • When we receive minimal notice, that leaves us with costly wasted time, which ultimately increases prices for all- and we all want to avoid that!
    • With sufficient notice, we can often reschedule that appointment with another guest. Without notice, that’s not possible, leaving the salon to carry the considerable cost. Our deposit policy secures the appointment for you and protects the business from late cancellations and no-show appointments.Cancelations outside required notice times  will forfeit deposit or pre-paid payment.
    • Whilst we’re all about ‘wowing’ you with our care and skills,and continually strive to delight every salon guest, we do not refund if you simply change your mind.
    • If at any stage you are dissatisfied with the quality of craftship you received, the Beautify 7 day guarantee means that you can come back within 7 days from the day of service, and we will rectify this for you at no extra cost to you.
    • In the case of pre-paid treatments (including services booked under a membership program and gift vouchers), the treatment will be forfeited if the appointment is not honoured or it is cancelled within 24-48 hours of the appointment time.
    • Weddings or large group bookings will require a minimum of 50% deposit to hold the appointment times with the balance to be paid 48 hours prior to the day. A minimum of 14 days’ notice is strictly required for the cancellation of any group Wedding or group Formal appointment booking to avoid forfeiture of deposit.
    • Beautify Hair Design reserves the right to require deposits for any booking request.
    • Beautify Hair Design reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
    • For Membership cancellation & refunds, please see Membership Terms and Conditions.
    • Refunds will be provided where required under the Australian Consumer Law.
    • For any enquires, please contact Beautify Hair Design. at


A deposit is taken at the time of booking your appointment.

For regular guests who rebook there is 2 options:

  1. Keep your deposit on your account to use for future bookings
  2. If you choose to use your deposit towards your appointment on the day of service, we will call you 2 weeks prior to your appointment for a deposit.

You have the option of using the deposit towards your appointment, or you can keep it on your account for future bookings. The choice is yours.

Yes, we process the deposit payment securely at the time of making the appointment, so we don’t keep a record of card details at all. We can either email or SMS you a copy of the payment receipt.

The deposit is held as security against the booking you’ve made. As long as you cancel or reschedule at least – 24 hours for a standard appointment of no more than 3 hours, or, 48 hrs for a longer appointment of more than 3 hours – prior to your appointment time, the deposit will remain in credit for you, or you can get the deposit refunded with the same payment method as you paid it.

If you do cancel at shorter notice or do not arrive for the appointment, the deposit is held to partially cover the loss to the business.

We totally understand that things come up and life isn’t always predictable. As long as we receive enough notice, 24 hours for a standard appointment of no more than 3 hours, or 48hrs for a longer appointment of more than 3 hours, there’s no cost to you at all. If you do cancel within that time or do not arrive for the scheduled appointment, we will need to retain the deposit to recover some of the loss to the business, having turned away other bookings to hold that amount of time for you.

As you can imagine, the cost to the business of no-show appointments can easily add up to thousands of dollars each week, that no business can afford to carry. We do understand that when things arise unexpectedly, these are not intentional on your part, however they do have a significant cost to our business that we need to avoid.

When you ask us to prioritise that time for you, we must ask you to do the same. Once we’ve booked out that time exclusively for you, we cannot take other clients so if you do not honour the appointment, there is a significant cost to the business in terms of wasted time and overheads, even if no product is used. Eventually that forces up prices for all clients, which is an unfair burden for them. The only way a deposit is held is if there has been a loss to the business because an appointment has not been honoured.

  • Any services under $50 will require a 100% deposit
  • Haircut deposit $50
  • Colour/Foil deposits $100
  • For colour correction and keratin services we require a minimum of 50% deposit.
  • 50% deposit needed for hair extensions. The deposit is used to purchase the extensions and are non-refundable for change of mind.
  • Whilst we are always happy to source your preferred products and will specially order these for you, as we must purchase this product at the time of ordering, prepayment is required and are non-refundable for change of mind.
  • For all online bookings a 50% deposit is required.
  • Clients who have no showed once will require a 50% deposit on all services
  • Clients who have no showed twice will require a 100% deposit

For standard appointments of up to 3 hours, 24 hours notice is required.

For longer appointments of 3hrs+, 48 hours notice is required.

At Beautify we understand things come up and you may run late. As we run a tight schedule, we can allow up to a maximum of 15 minutes late.

If any later you may not be able to have your desired services, or preferred stylist that you originally booked in for.


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