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“We are committed to sustainable growth that encourages social responsibility and respect for the planet. This simple initiative can make all the difference to what was once landfill waste become a future resource”, says Dana Kovacic, owner of Beautify Hair Design

Beautify recycles 95% of its waste by using the comprehensive resource recovery program offered by Sustainable Salons.


Why are we a sustainable salon?

    • We care about the planet, we care about people, we care about animals, we care about the longevity of human life, and most of all we honour mother nature.


    • All proceeds generated from recycling salon materials go to OZ Harvest to feed the hungry.
    • Saves and preserves the environment for our future
    • Supported employees – Sustainable salons creates purposeful work for people with disabilities. 
    • Donated pony tails sent to charitable organisations and wig makers for those suffering with medical induced hairloss to help make them look and feel more beautiful and confident.
    • Cuts down pollution

How we do sustainability in the salon:

    • We repurpose and recycle up to 95% of salon waste
    • We have allocated recycle and repurpose bins for different materials and chemicals
    • We are mindful of our water practices and only use what is necessary
    • We use biodegradable eco friendly products as much as possible
    • We offer hair donation service for passionate clients who like to help those in need


Contributions to charity

    • Every year we hold our annual “Beautify the world day”. This is our moment to contribute beyond the lives of our clients with their support. 
    • We choose our charity partner together with the support of our clients so we all know we are contributing and making a difference.
    • In the last few years, we have successfully raised awareness and charity for the following causes:
    • Shave for a cure, PJ day for cancer, Breast cancer awareness.
    • WWF – Each month we contribute a % of our profits to WWF
    • We love to make a difference where we can.
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We are a proud sustainable salon. We recycle or repurpose up to 95% of salon waste.

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