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Our balayage experience packages include a minimum of balayage colour treatment, wellaplex bonding, toning, double shampoo, hot towel conditioning, blow dry finish with curls or straight hair.

Our hairdressers lighten your hair with a bespoke and luxurious beautify balayage experience.

Oh and yes! What about sipping that glass of champagne as you experience the pampering.

 Balayage is a hair painting technique that helps you to bring out a more sunkissed look in your hair, that still looks and feels natural. Even more than that, it brings out your best features without making it obvious that you’ve had a make-over – although we know how much you love make-overs.

 Balayage results have longevity and lower impact on hair  compared to foiling and this means that you maintain healthier hair at lower cost – by the way did we tell you that we educate you on all things to take care of your look between hair salon visits so you feel fab all the time.


Balayage packages

Prices From $ 215


Balayage packages

Prices From $ 231


Balayage packages

Prices From $ 235

Extra -Long

Balayage packages

Prices From $ 263


Our foiling experience packages include a minimum of foiling, wellaplex bonding, toning, double shampoo, hot towel conditioning, blow dry finish with curls or straight hair.

Our hairdressers highlight your hair with world class foiling techniques to bring out or change a new colour, look and feel.

 We are so confident about helping you get the best colour, look and feel that we guarantee 100% satisfaction of craftship.

 Foiling is an immersive hair colour change experience where clients get a personalised colour selection using the Beautify method to get you the best possible results.

 Along with the many different foiling types we offer micro foiling, baby lights and foilyage ( when balayage and foiling are combined )


Foil packages

Price $ 215


Foil packages

Price $ 231


Foil packages

Price $ 235

Extra -Long

Foil packages

Price $ 263




If you want more than 4 levels of lift, or want a more dramatic contrast between highlights and lowlights to avoid blorange brassy hair.

Foilyage is a hair technique which is a mix of foiling and balayage.Hair color is applied by a sweeping technique, painting on your hair then covered in foil.

We recommend every 5 – 8 weeks to keep your blonde looking fresh.

The general effect of any hair colour service is slight dryness in your hair. Our practices are designed to minimise the dryness to the best degree possible. To ensure optimal condition of your hair, we use premium wella products and wellaplex bonding treatment.

Lightening your hair breaks the persulphate bonds in your hair which can weaken and damage your hair. Wellaplex replaces these bonds giving your hair strength. 

The integrity of your hair is one of our main priorities. We believe wellaplex is necessary for the high-end luxury lightening work. 


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