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Bring Your Hair Back To Life

With a luxurious hair treatment

Is your hair feeling dehydrated, damaged, or is it hanging by a thread after an over processed chemical service???

Bring your hair back to life with a luxurious personalized treatment that will have you feeling instantly revitalised with soft, beautiful, silky smooth hair.

In this article we will be sharing with you, what a treatment is, 3 tips to optimising your hair health, 7 Solutions to fixing your hair problems & your treatment journey at Beautify.

Both Treatments and conditioners are necessary for your hair health as each works on different parts of your hair.

Treatments have the ability to work on the internal structure of your hair, giving your hair an extra boost of protein and moisture it needs to repair and replenish.

Conditioners work on closing the hair cuticle and sit on the outside of the hair.

In our hair salon, we carry a wide range of magnificent treatments including Kevin Murphy, Wella Premium, Wellaplex and System Professional. Each product offers different results depending on your hair type, current hair health and your ultimate hair goal, however, today’s focus will be on the beautiful System Professional range.

We’ve all heard about hair treatments, but finding ones that actually penetrate to the core of our hair to nourish and restore protein can be challenging!

Don’t worry though, we’ve done the work for you so you can lay back in our massage basin with your eyes closed, and a hot towel wrapped around your head while we, and the products we have hand selected for you get to work.

How To Optimise Your Hair Health

  1. Determine what problems you’re wanting to solve. Damaged hair from over processed colour will need protein, dehydrated hair will need moisture.
  2. Ensure you are using a great hair care regime. If you are using unsuitable shampoo and conditioner, the treatment isn’t going to be as effective
  3. Use your treatment as frequently as prescribed and leave on for the appropriate time (usually between 5-10 minutes).

7 Solutions To Fixing Your Hair Problems

With system professional product range

Hair cannot look healthy and feel fantastic, without being healthy on the inside. Lipids are an organic compound, and are the key to healthy feeling hair that lasts. They create a protective shield and work at the core of your hair like a glue, holding the blocks of keratin together.

Lipids are lost in daily wear and tear, which results in our hair becoming dull, porous and weak.

Our in-salon System Professional products are encoded with hair identical lipid code technology to regenerate your hair from the core resulting in softer, shiner and more resistant hair.

System Professional offers a product line for every hair need, and most lines offer a delicious treatment mask. 

Volumize: With Formastrength Complex, the Volumize Line restores body, manageability and strength to even the finest hair. Luxuriate in lightweight formulas so your favorite styles can last longer.

Hydrate: The Hydrate Line, with FormaMoist ingredients, features lightweight formulas that enrich the hair with long-term moisture and active protection from drying out.

Purify: This range was made jointly with dermatologists to create expert formulas that not only eliminate visible dandruff, they actually combat its causes. The Purify Line is so gentle and effective, it can replenish your healthiest scalp without throwing off your delicate pH balance.

Repair: The Repair Line actively reverses damage, and rebuilds the hair fibre from within to fortify against day to day wear. Experience unparalleled nourishment and repair with long-term protection to ensure lasting results.

Balance:  This line helps to soothe and restore the scalp, with mild formulations that maintain its own protective barrier. This anti-inflammatory, pH-neutral and colour-free regimen is specially formulated in cooperation with dermatologists to gently restore your most resilient and moisturized scalp.

Colour Save: Discover a noticeably long-lasting pigment for your colour treated hair, while maintaining a luminous sheen, and protecting the cuticle for fortified strength.

Solar range:Those with active lifestyles have met their match with formulas that shield hair from summer’s most damaging elements: harsh UV rays, pool chlorine, and salt. Pre-sun and post-sun treatments prevent colour-fading, brassiness, breakage, and green pool hair.

The Process

Once your hair stylist has your lipid code results they will know exactly which of our products your hair needs to thrive and can select the perfect treatment process to ensure optimum results.

At Beautify we have 3 major treatment processes for the system professional range:

The Essential treatment is a one step treatment consisting of a mask.

The Deluxe treatment is a two step treatment where the mask is followed by an emulsion which penetrates deeper than the mask. Emulsion is a light-weight formula that is instantly absorbed and penetrates deeply into the cortex to add substance and strength to the hair.

Finally, the Rebourne treatment is a three step process that is finalised with an Infusion that is an intense booster formulated with advanced FibraBuild molecules. This advanced technology is incredibly smart, selecting where it acts in the hair.

Your  System Professional Treatment Journey At Beautify

The steps we take to help you get back that hair-flick confidence: 

  1. Diagnostic consultation including a Lipid Code
  2. Selection and implementation of treatment service (Essential, Deluxe or Reborne)
  3. Indulgent 5 minute scalp massage
  4. Application of 2 Hot towels on for 5 – 10 minutes to lock in the treatment
  5. While our premium two and three step treatment process can only be performed by our incredible hairdressers in the salon, each product line offers take home hair care regimes to continue to strengthen and soften your hair, caring for your individual needs. Why not take your hair salon experience home with you?

Bring the glorious goddess out from within, by pampering yourself with a luxury hair treatment.  Book online or call us today on (07) 3820 9818.