Beach Waves

How To Get Beach Waves Without Taking Too Much Time

We all love a good beach-wave. It’s the surfer girl illusion of ease and sun-kissed skin that allows us to pretend for a moment that we can actually surf… failing that, we can at least sport the hair, right?

Sometimes we can get stuck in the same mundane styling day in and day out, so we are here to give you a few tips and tricks to liven up your daily routine.

Using the correct hair care products when styling your hair is paramount as it can make or break the result you’re wanting to achieve, so we have added some of our fave recommendations in the steps below.

Dry hair

Here are some quick tips: 

  1. It’s always best to style with clean hair!
  2. Towel dry hair.
  3. Spritz wet hair with heat protect spray. We recommend Trilliant by Sebastian, heat defense by Kevin Murphy or any GHD heat protect spray.
  4. Apply a curl holding product and/or a product that gives your hair texture for that beachy feel. We recommend Kevin Murphy hair resort cream or spray, or Eimi Shape me blow dry gel.
  5. Blast dry hair till it’s only a little damp. For best drying we recommend Dyson hair dryer, or GHD helios dryer.
  6. Take a section from ear to ear, then starting at the back of the neck, place a brush vertically into the hair. Wrap the section around the brush away from the face and using a hairdryer, direct the airflow away from the roots and around the brush. We recommend GHD ceramic round brushes.
  7. Repeat this technique throughout the hair, always wrapping away from the face.
  8. Unwind and twist the hair as you pull the brush out in the direction of the curl and repeat all over. If your hair gets tangled in the brush, try taking smaller sections.
  9. Use a paddle brush to brush through the lengths of your hair. Massage your hair to soften the texture.
  10. Finish with a soft texture spray. We recommend Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair or Doo Over.


Trying something new can be exciting and shake up our routine! Why not give it a crack?


Latest hair style

If you want to keep current and feel fresh, having the latest hairstyle that suits your face shape is a must!

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